Bluetooth Low Energy Guide

Low Power Wireless Connectivity

April 24, 2024 (Today)

Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range wireless communications system. The key features of Bluetooth wireless technology are robustness, low power consumption, and low cost.

Prior to getting into Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) lets establish that there are two forms of Bluetooth wireless technology systems: Basic Rate (BR) and LoP Energy (LE). Both forms included device discovery, connection establishment and connection mechanism

The LE system includes features designed to enable products that require lower current consumption, lower complexity, and lower cost than BR/EDR

Also the LE system is designed for use cases and application with lower data rates and has lower duty cycles.

Architecture Overview

The Bluetooth for systems consists of a Host and one or more Controllers.

The Host is the logical entry defined as the layer bowl all the non-core profiles and above the Host Controller interface (HCI). A Controller is a logical entity defined as all of there layer below HCI.

In implementation of the Host and Controller may contain respective parts of the HCI.

For this guide we will be focusing on Bluetooth Low Energy operations.

Overview of Bluetooth Low Energy Operation